Rantisi Hospital completes its preparations for the opening of the pediatric oncology department. Director of oncology department in Rantisi Hospital Dr. Mahmoud Shbeir stated that the hospital is preparing to inaugural the departments of primary care and patients’ accommodation early next week, supported with qualified medical staff. Noting that the Cancer screening procedures will be performed outside of the facility due to the lack of specialized equipment.

Dr. Musa and Suhaila Nasir Department is considered as the second largest department for treating cancer in Palestine. It is hoped that the department will contribute in controlling the malignant disease at an early stage and reduce the mortality rates among children infected with the disease in the Gaza Strip.

Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Youssef Abu Rish said in an earlier speech that he hoped that this department would be ideal in terms of using treatment protocols, management, and work techniques, It is anticipated that the new department will help in mitigating the mortality and morbidity of cancer among children.