394 days and The Israeli authorities up to this moment tighten their grip on the Gaza Strip; till this moment, several devices have been deliberately refused by the Israeli occupation, or the responses for the delay were ” under study”, medical diagnostic appliances that benefit more than two million people in the enclaved strip are delayed for more than a year in a time.
We, as the Ministry of Health, resort to human rights organizations; WHO, and sometimes to media outlets, as a means of pressure on the occupation to allow the entry of these devices. However, delaying the entrance of these devices to the hospitals and clinics of the Strip leads to the following:
First, delaying patients’ diagnoses inside the Gaza Strip hospitals.
second, Four portable C-arm X-ray devices are denied from entering the strip, which is needed most in the operation rooms.
Third, Three digital basic X–ray devices are prevented from entering the strip, which would cause severe overcrowding in the diagnostic departments affecting the quality of the service provided.
Preventing the entry of spare parts for medical devices that are broken and accumulated in the hospitals of the Gaza Strip most of these devices have become out of service due to the Israeli occupation’s delay.

Today, we urge you to help us put pressure on the occupation authorities to allow these devices to enter the enclave and save our patients from continuous daily suffering, where about 50% of patients in the Gaza strip are deprived of their treatment rights guaranteed by International Humanitarian Law inside and outside the Gaza Strip.