The Spanish-Portuguese pediatric cardiac delegation concluded its mission in the Gaza Strip after conducting 13 pediatric cardiac surgeries.

Dr. Ibrahim Qeshta, a specialist in cardiac surgery at the European Hospital in Gaza, who participated with the operations, praised the delegation efforts in training the local team at EGH, Where they exchanged details and medical observations of modern science.

“Such delegations contribute to the local medical staff gaining of expertise they have been deprived of because of the inability to send medical personnel abroad because of the siege imposed by Israel and the continued closure of crossings,” he said.

In turn, the delegation head and pediatric cardiologist Dr. Victor Hernandez praised the local medical team, as well as the high capabilities of the cadres in the diagnostic capacity and medical equipment available. Dr. Hernandez said that his first visit to the Gaza Strip, where he had visited the West Bank three times before.

It is worth mentioning that Gaza Strip suffers from difficult economic and humanitarian conditions since the imposition of the Israeli siege since 2006, due to the closure of all border crossings and the restrictions imposed on patients referred for treatment abroad.