Sponsored by WHO, MOH in Gaza is carrying out a field simulation for emergency medical teams in Gaza Governorate

The Ministry of Health in Gaza, sponsored by the World Health Organization, implemented the first field simulation for the emergency medical team in Gaza Governorate, as part of the Ministry’s endeavour to develop the management of the health emergency system during various crises.

The general supervisor of the EMT project and director of the Health Emergency Operations Center at the Ministry of Health, Dr Moatasem Salah, said that today’s simulation is an establishment and formation of emergency medical teams to reach the accreditation of the first national medical emergency team accredited according to international standards.

The field simulation was carried out for 30 medical staff who received intensive theoretical and practical training programs representing the first-class emergency medical team for pre-hospital care, Dr Salah added

He also explained the simulation implementation, participation and integration between the various relevant departments, especially the medical staff from primary care, hospitals, ambulance, emergency, administrative affairs, pharmacy, engineering and maintenance.

Dr Salah pointed out that the experience of MOH in Gaza benefited from the Great March of Return and breaking the siege experience, as the medical points at that time were vital aspects in saving lives and relieving the pressure on hospitals by triage and transferring cases according to priority.

Dr Salah expressed MOH’s appreciation to the World Health Organization and its pioneering role in incubating the emergency medical teams project and its aspirations towards strengthening the health emergency system and raising the efficiency and capabilities of the human cadre according to the best international service protocols.