Surgeons at the European Gaza Hospital end the suffering of hundreds of children in Gaza
The director of the European Gaza Hospital Dr. Youssef El-Akkad announced that the last year 2019 witnessed a remarkable development in ending the suffering of hundreds of sick children without the need to transfer them abroad, by providing distinguished surgical services to patients in Gaza with local medical teams or in cooperation with medical delegations visiting the Gaza Strip.
Consultant and head of the pediatric surgery department at EGH, Dr. Hisham Dalloul said that the pediatric surgery team managed to perform a very rare operation in the Gaza Strip for a baby girl patient who suffered from severe and persistent pain in the process of defecation, with frequent bleeding from the colon, which caused a significant decrease in the percentage of hemoglobin in the blood.
Dr. Dalloul “by performing the medical examination and radiography, it was found that there are foci of polyps in the large colon (Familial polyposis) causing the bleeding from.
an urgent Ileoanal anastomosis was decided for the child which allows the patient to eliminate waste normally after removal of the entire large intestine (colon and rectum).
It is performed by making an ileal pouch-anal anastomosis (IPAA), which is an anastomosis of the ileum to the anus, bypassing the former site of the colon in cases where the colon has been removed. It retains or restores the functionality of the anus, with stools passed under the voluntary control of the patient, preventing fecal incontinence and serving as an alternative to an ileostomy.