The British medical delegation begins implementing the 26th stage of kidney transplantation through the first national program

The medical delegation for kidney transplantation, headed by Dr. Abdel Qader Hammad, Head of the Organ Transplant Unit at Liverpool University Hospital in Britain, the first operations of the 26th stage of the first kidney transplantation program.

Dr. Abdullah Al-Qishawi, Head of the Industrial College Department at Al-Shifa Medical Complex, said that this stage will be conducted with generous support from the Endowment Foundation in South Africa.
As explained by Dr. Al-Qishawi said that stage 26 will end with 3 transplant operations after completing all the necessary arrangements and examinations.

It is worth noting that the first kidney transplant program has successfully completed 80 operations since its launch in 2013, in addition to implementing a number of training programs for local staff, as part of the Ministry of Health’s continuous efforts to localize the kidney transplant service and alleviate the suffering of patients.