The Israeli occupation authority prevents the entry of medical and diagnostic equipment and spare parts into the Gaza Strip.

MOH- Gaza held a press conference at the Beit Hanoun checkpoint

The Israeli occupation authority has been preventing the entry of medical and diagnostic equipment and spare parts into the Gaza Strip.
This action aims to tighten the grip on Gaza patients who are in dire need of oxygen, diagnostic tests, and especially those who are being treated in ICU, Covid 19 departments, and cancer wards.
Today the health systems in the whole world are preparing to face the fourth wave of the Covid 19 pandemic and the new variant while in Gaza the Israeli occupation insists on imposing more restrictions on the checkpoints to deny the entry of medical diagnostic equipment and oxygen concentrators needed to save the lives of Covid 19 patients in intensive care departments.
Over the course of many months, the Palestinian Ministry of Health has been addressing all relevant parties to pressure the occupation authorities to permit the entry of these devices to the facilities of the Ministry of Health and non-governmental health organizations, but the occupation insists on refusing by handing over his rejection in writing to the supplying companies.
Faced with this scene, we renew the call to put pressure on the Israeli occupation authorities by allowing immediately and without delay the entry of all medical equipment and supplies into the Gaza Strip, as we hope to hear your condemnation of the occupation act which contradicts international norms, especially the Fourth Geneva Convention which guarantees patients’ right to treatment.
We ask that you facilitate the rapid provision of this medical equipment to the hospitals of the Gaza Strip, to enable the medical staff to provide urgent treatment service to patients in many vital departments.