To everybody who’s got a living conscience and the concerned parties, so as not to sink our hospitals in a muddy darkness.

This is perhaps the first time since the imposition of the unjust siege on the Gaza Strip, where we are unable to make any another effort to allow these generators to work for further hours to oust the nightmare of stopping many specialized health services in the hospitals of the Ministry of Health . we’ve raised our voices repeatedly for more than two weeks as we were slipping towards a complex and difficult crisis that has become a heavy burden that shows its misery and severity on the faces of these patients who watch with fears the hours apart from the most difficult situation when hospitals stop offering services, and in light of these serious data and warnings, which today affects five hospitals at once, the Ministry of Health indicates the following:

We warn of an unprecedented humanitarian and health disaster in five hospitals that include specialized services that represent the health system’s core. Hundreds of patients depend on its services, the talk about the cessation of generators in hospitals of Abdul Aziz Al Rantissi Specialist Hospital for Children, Al Nasr Hospital for Children, Al Oyoun Hospital, Psychiatric Hospital, and Abu Yousef Al Najjar Hospital. The services of Beit Hanoun Hospital is a sign of the seriousness of the crisis as the health services are in the eye of disaster.

With the daily readings and field reports of technical and administrative staff, which indicate that the generators’ tanks in the hospitals contain less than 17% of the remaining quantities of fuel in light of the unprecedented need for electricity with increasing hours of power cuts, which means that the procedures taken by the ministry  to reduce fuel  consumption through rationalization is in its final moments, and the announcement of the complete suspension  of these generators at any moment.

We appeal to all those are with conscience and concerned parties, to  get out of the silence applied, and take serious and immediate steps to dismantle the crisis, and protect the rights of treatment of patients.

Ministry of Health- Gaza

Sunday 20 January  2019