The local Pediatric surgeons at Al Shifa Medical Complex save a three- years- old child’s life

The local pediatricians at Shifa Medical Complex successfully removed liver cancer for the three-years-old patient Mohamed Dergham. The patient was diagnosed with liver cancer in an advanced stage after further investigations in clouding MRI presented abdominal mass, which caused pain and discomfort for the patient.

Consultant and head of the pediatric surgery department at Al-Shifa Complex, Dr. Ismail Nassar stated that Mohamed’s operation is one of the most highly skilled, and complicated surgeries performed by the local team.

Dr. Nassar added ” finally Ministry of Health efforts in the training of medical cadres by the medical delegations, have yielded in developing, building, and training medical cadres, which served Gaza Strip in following crises due to the Israeli blockade and the current lockdown due to Coronavirus pandemic crisis.