The Ministry of Health in Gaza conducts 56,000 medical imaging annually
Imaging is a paramedical field that performs preliminary diagnosis and treatment using advanced medical technologies.
Ministry of Health in Gaza has paid great attention to these services, in which radiographic imaging is performed by highly trained doctors and technicians to conduct complex diagnostical and therapeutic procedures.

Radiography Director of Imaging Department at the Ministry of Health Ibrahim Abbas confirmed that the ministry’s hospitals conducted 56 thousand Computed Tomography (CT) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), of which 40 thousand CT scans and 16 thousand MRI images.

Abbas illustrates that the MRI and CT scans have reduced a great burden on patients since it was introduced in the Gaza Strip in 2012, where cases requiring accurate diagnosis were transferred out of the Gaza Strip at great cost.
Abbas praised the practical steps taken by the ministry to reduce the waiting lists for medical imaging by working after the official working hours, during the evenings and holiday days based on the desire and choice of the patients.