Thousands of chronic patients in Gaza are denied of their treatments

The 69-year-old women “Am Husam” a patient who continues to suffer from the medical crisis every few months.

Most of the times she gets half the amount of drugs prescribed by the doctors monthly from health centers in Gaza, but this time she was unable to find any of her prescribed medications.

Patients suffering from chronic diseases are among the most affected by the medication crisis, forcing them to search for medicines in private pharmacies. This may form a burden on citizens who suffer from poor financial conditions.

Dr. Ahed Samour Director of Al- Remal primary health care center stated that the Ministry of Health experiencing medicines crisis, especially chronic patient’s medications, which is a crisis almost permanent, because not only the unavailability but also the basic list of medicines need to be updated,  and medications to its list since 2013. where the deficit percentage reached a rate of 69%.

Meanwhile, Dr. Samour explained that the deficit that we face reflects on the patient itself, indicating that the treatment is disbursed among patients as a part of the treatment protocol  for the patient with chronic disease, and to prevent complications of patient’s condition,  Dr. Samour added ” any delay in treatment plan may lead to counterproductive in the patients conditions.