Thousands of chronically ill patients in the Gaza Strip are deprived of their medicines

Thousands of patients suffering from chronic diseases in the Gaza Strip suffer from a shortage of medicines, which are supposed to be distributed to them every month in primary health centers throughout the Gaza Strip.

According to a report by the Palestinian Center for Health Information in the Ministry, the total number of diabetics and hypertension in the Gaza Strip is 350 thousand patients, where they go to primary care clinics at the rate of a monthly visit to each of them to follow up, and they are supposed to receive treatment if available.

The report showed an increase in the prevalence of chronic diseases in the Gaza Strip from 35% to 46% between (2016 – 2017), in addition to an increase in the rate of diabetes from 31% to 32% between the years (2016 – 2017).

The number of drugs that are supposed to be available in the ministry clinics is 145 categories. Currently, there are only 45 categories. The deficit is  70%, while 16 categories are expected to be completed within the next three months.
The patient can not find treatment most of the time and the tragedy is increasing and that makes these patients face serious complications.