MOH- Gaza

Director of Medical Warehouses in the Ministry of Health-Gaza Dr. Zekri Abu Qamar said, that the number of immunosuppressive drugs that ran out in the MoH stores is 6 out of 22 categories.

The number of patients receiving immunosuppressive drugs in general is more than 1000 patients distributed among renal dialysis patients and organs transplant patients, especially kidney transplantation.One of the most important categories missed is Mycophenolate Mofetil 500 mg tab, Which is used as an immunosuppressant and to preserve the organ that has been transplanted, as it is used in other immune diseases.

Dr. Abu Qamar added that the number of patients benefiting from the mentioned drugs are 333 patients.They are threatened to return to renal dialysis if the kidney that has been planted is rejected as a result of not using the treatment.