MOH – Gaza received 111,000 liters of fuel as a generous grant from ACT Indonesia, implemented by Rawad society for social developments to cover the need for eight hospitals to fuel the generators.

Dr. Medhat Abbas, Director General of Shifa Hospital expressed his appreciation to Indonesia people, government and institutions represented by the ACT Indonesia on this urgent shipment, which comes at a difficult time where this situation is imposed by the shortage of fuel in hospitals and primary care centers,

And the real danger that is threatening the health services in every moment at various levels, which are regularly connected to the electricity, which cutting hours reached to more than eight hours a day, and increases the ministry’s needs of fuel monthly to about 540 thousand liters, which decreased to 300 thousand liters due to the improved Fuel supplies.
Dr. Abbas called upon all the concerned parties in the world to contribute in solving the fuel shortage crises that plague the health sector in Gaza as a result of the continuation of the unjust siege on Gaza, which has long affected the health system.

Mr. Rabah Bakhit, the head of ACT Indonesia, said that this emergency assistance comes in response to the call launched by the Ministry of Health in Gaza after the fuel shortage crisis enters a serious stage in which hundreds of patients may be denied of their right to have proper treatment.
He pointed out that the Association has continued with various agencies to deliver this emergency grant, which meets the need of eight hospitals of fuel for two weeks

Hospitals benefiting from the grant is Al-Shifa Hospital, European Gaza Hospital, Martyr Mohammed Al-Durra Children’s Hospital, Beit Hanoun Hospital, Al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital, Nasser Hospital, Al-Harazeen Hospital for Childbirth and Kamal Adwan Hospital.