United Nations Humanitarian Coordinator; the need to spare the health sector political disputes

Deputy Minister of Health Dr.Yousef Abu Rish held a meeting with the UN Humanitarian Coordinator in the Palestinian Territories, Mr. Jimmy McGoldrick, and the Director of WHO office in Gaza, Dr.Mahmoud Daher

Where Mr. Jimmy McGoldrick called for keeping the Palestinian health sector in Gaza and health facilities out of political strife, saying that he will  discuss the issues facing the health sector in Gaza strip with  the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah to find suitable solutions, adding “Health workers cannot be put under the influence of political differences.

Dr.Yousef Abu Rish stressed that all international and national organizations should work to find urgent and quick solutions to ensure the continuity and cohesion of the health sector in Gaza and to neutralize health facilities and staff from political and military interventions.

Pointing to262 of health staff working in health facilities in the Gaza Strip were cut off by the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah, while the rest of the workers’ salaries are nearly 50%.