“One week” is the remaining period for the continued operation of the Al- Shifa hospital due to the depletion of fuel, and the continuation to ignore the appeals made by the Ministry of Health in the Gaza Strip, has reached its maximum and unprecedented levels which made us approach a dangerous levels  that have long been warned by the Ministry of Health in Gaza.

From this place, we have reached those moments where we are witnessing the completion of the remaining quantities of fuel in the largest hospitals not only in the Gaza Strip but also in Palestine, which is Al-Shifa Hospital.

Which provides specialized health services in the surgical department, medical department, maternity department as well as the burn department for thousands of patients from all the Gaza Strip and according to this data we refer to the following:

  1. The monthly requirement of fuel for Al- Shifa Hospital is between (150-180) thousand liters, at a daily consumption rate of (5000 to 7000 ) liters according to the hours of power outages which is more than 16 hours a day.
  2. The results of the crisis in Al- Shifa Hospital will be serious to thousands of patients when they are deprived of specialized services such as cardiac catheterization and thousands of laboratory tests.
  3. Thousands of blood units will be destroyed and the central oxygen station will stop، in addition, 420 patients with renal failure will be affected heavily.
  4. Halting the work of generators will affect the ability of medical staff to perform surgeries، which will increase the list of delayed surgical operations، which reached up to the moment to 8000 surgeries. In addition to depriving hundreds of patients of the benefit of the Radiology Department, oncology patients, and threatens the lives of infants in the Special care baby unit (SCBU).
  5. The unprecedented situation of the fuel crisis threatens our health services. We renew our appeal to the local, regional and international community as well as donors and monitors of health workers to contain the crisis, Therefore, everyone must act immediately and urgently to protect the health system that the Palestinian patient will pay the bill of it with his life.

Palestinian Ministry of Health- Gaza

Al-Shifa  Hospital

16th    Sep 2018