Increasing warnings about the dangerous infections of Covid-19 on the youth in the Gaza community, despite the state of reassurance prevalent in the community, the facts in intensive care centers in the hospitals of Gaza Strip indicate the opposite.

Dr.Jihad Al-Jaidi, head of the Intensive Care Unit ICU at the European Gaza Hospital EGH, said in an interview with him the severe infections among young people do occur, where a quite number of cases under sixty suffer from serious complications.

D. Al-Jaidi said that several cases that are subjected to ICU care at EGH are in their mid-forties and early fifties at present, in addition to several young cases who suffered from moderate and severe infections, which took the medical staff exerted double efforts until they recovered.

In the same context, Dr. Medhat Abu Tabanja, head of ICU and anesthesia department at the Indonesian Hospital in the northern Gaza Strip governorate, said there is a danger for all age groups.

He added that the Indonesian hospital’s ICU is currently hosting three new young people who suffer from severe symptoms.

Similarly, the Nasser Medical complex reported several difficult and critical cases, including 3 cases among youth.

In successive statements issued since the beginning of the crisis, the Ministry of Health confirmed the severity of the virus, calling for the need from the community to adhere to preventive and safety measures and to avoid crowded places in light of the high infection rates and the subsequent increase in serious injuries.