The spectrum of death is hours away from the children in the intensive care unit at Al-Nasr Children’s Hospital in Gaza, and the local community donations are what keeping it away.

The state of anxiety prevails inside the hospital, no one is saving any efforts to save the day, as soon as the fuel runs out and the vital devises batteries are discharged ,knowing that  the generators are not the solution but they are the only solution available right now, noting that this situation has happened before.

Raafat Abu Riala, head of the intensive care unit department, said that a week ago,  the vital devises  batteries’ discharged in the ICU and the devises stopped for more than half an hour which forced us to light the ICU with cell phones meanwhile, doctors gathered in the room to perform manual respiration for the patients to ensure that children are not lost.

Head Nurse Raafat said that, fortunately, the engineering department of the hospital solved the problem after a few minutes, wondering what if this unfortunate incident repeated again and the fuel ran out? How will we act then?

“Everyone will work together but it will not be enough and then it is possible to lose all the patients in ICU, where the rate of admission is usually more than 120%.”

ICU at Al-Nasr Children’s Hospital has 8 beds equipped with electrically powered appliances and the number of patients admitted to ICU is increases with the diseases associated with cold weather.