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WHO: Health sector in Gaza passes through difficult times, we will discuss stripping health workers of their rights

By |فبراير 12th, 2019|english, latest news, Main Title, reports|


Head of the WHO office in Palestine, Mr. Gerald Ruknchawab, said that the health facilities in the Ministry of Health-Gaza are going through difficult times, noting that WHO will discuss the issue of depriving a number of employees in the health sector of Gaza from their rights with the concarned bodies in the PA and UN partners.

During a meeting on Monday that gathered the Deputy Ministr of Health Dr. Yousef Abu Rish and Mr. Gerald , the latter stressed on the need to work to reinforce health staff and improve its work in term of the urgent need for the Health services.

Deputy Minister of health in Gaza said that health services should be separated from all political disputes and patients in hospitals, especially those in the critical departments, will not tolerate any suffering as any disruption in the provision of health care will put their lives at risk.

The Universal Declaration of humanitarian low guarantees the Right to Health as one of the fundamental rights that every human being should behold. The right of health includes being able access to affordable, and good quality health care services.