WHO Representative in Palestine praises MOH-Gaza efforts confronting COVID-19 pandemic

Deputy Ministry of Health, Dr. Yousef Abu Al-Rish, met with the WHO representative in Palestine, Dr. Gillard Rockenschaub to discuss the health situation in the Gaza Strip.
Dr. Abu Al-Rish demonstrated the ministry’s efforts in delaying the pandemic outbreak in Gaza by imposing a mandatory quarantine for 14 days on the travelers who come to Gaza by Rafah crossing and Erez crossing, from the beginning of March until the end of August 2020.
Dr. Gillard Praised MOH-Gaza efforts to prevent the coronavirus to spread within the community of Gaza Strip for those seven months. This period has enabled us to have enough time to provide the necessary support at several levels; such as equipping medical devices, training of staff, and preparing quarantine centers.
Abu Al-Rish, on the other hand, demonstrated measures and protocols implemented by MOH-Gaza to confront the coronavirus pandemic, despite the fragile health situation in the Gaza Strip.
The current drug crisis is not related to the lack of medicines for Coronavirus patients only, but rather the shortage of medicines and medical supplies for the health sector as a whole, especially for oncology patients, hematology, primary health care medicines, and services, kidney failure patients, and a variety of the children therapeutic milk.