?Will the absences of immunosuppressants drugs cause patients to suffer renal dialysis again

About 793 patients suffer from renal failure in the Gaza Strip, these patients have  dialysis sessions three times every week. While some other 333 patients were fortunate enough to get a transplanted kidney from a donor after a long journey of suffering. These patients must take immunosuppressants otherwise the new transplanted kidney will be rejected.

Qusay al-Astal and Na’im al-Mutawaq are patients who have had their renal transplantation done successfully, they were shocked by the fact that no immunosuppressants available anymore in Ministry of Health stores. This indicates that rejection of the new transplanted kidney will eventually occur soon or late.

Head of Artificial Kidney Department at Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza, Dr. Abdullah Al-Qashawi, confirmed that kidney transplant patients suffer because of the  lack of  immunosuppressants  as “Mycophenolate”, which are badly needed for all these patients to prevent rejection of their new kidneys, he also informed us about the shortage of other treatment called “Valganciclovir”, which is given as a preventive dose against viral infection which can also lead to failure and rejection of the transplanted kidneys.