The workshop was attended by doctors from the  Gaza Strip’s privet hospitals and international institutions headed by Dr. Yousef Abu Rish, Deputy Minister of Health.

In Dr. Abu Rish word he stressed  on  the importance of the relationship between the Ministry of Health, privet hospitals, and international health institutions, saying  that  we need to hold more meetings to find a joint plan of action in all provinces to identify the needs and mechanisms to deal with emergency situations and ways of cooperation between the privet, international hospitals, and UNRWA to organize  the distribution of surgical and critical cases of internal medicine.

One of the most important recommendations of the workshop; Benefiting from the experience of cooperation between the Indonesian Governmental Hospital and Al-Awda private Hospital where they had companied coordination which was made to refer internal medical cases to Beit Hanoun Hospital during emergencies.

Develop a plan of action at the level of the governorates of Gaza to distribute the cases of surgery and internal cases and organize them during a plan prepared in advance, In addition of taking advantage of retired doctors to operate in private hospitals through the Ministry of Health and to study the possibility of how to benefit from MSF staff in Dar-Al Salaam Hospital and to introduce the concept of health services during emergencies to the community.